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The Role of Environmental Product Declarations in the Construction Sector

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David Maucor, Edge Impact Regional Principal, New Zealand

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“EPDs are standardised and independently verified documents that provide transparent and credible information about the environmental impact of products throughout their life cycle. They offer a comprehensive analysis of the product’s environmental performance, including carbon emissions, energy use, resource depletion, and waste generation.

Importantly, the environmental data is presented in clearly defined stages, so you can compare step-by-step along the products’ life cycles,” says Maucor.

David Maucor, Edge Impact Regional Principal, New Zealand

“EPDs also foster innovation and encourage the development of low-carbon products and processes. By highlighting the environmental impact of construction materials, EPDs incentivise manufacturers to invest in research and development to create more sustainable alternatives. This drives the industry towards reducing carbon emissions and promoting the adoption of greener practices and technologies.”

“We leveraged the EPD in a way that made it more like a part of the brand strategy than a technical report, helping us shape the brand architecture and ultimately the final brand and marketing collateral. A true example of science, strategy and storytelling coming together to deliver more impactful results."

Jordan Stokes, Creative Director at Edge Impact.

16 January 20238 min. read

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Smoke billowing from power plant towers alongside a lush field, underscoring the necessity for TNFD-guided environmental reporting.
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