Our Team of Experts

Transformation takes more than just one voice.
It’s why our team includes over 100 specialists of 26 different nationalities in 6 office locations across the globe. All with unique experiences and stories to tell.
The common thread amongst us all is our commitment to deliver impactful change - and to share that in ways everyone can understand.

Jonas BengtssonAustraliaGlobal CEO & Co-Founderjonas.bengtsson@edgeimpact.global

Michelle SenermanLatin AmericaManaging Director (Latin America)michelle.senerman@edgeimpact.global

Dr Mark SiebentrittAustraliaGlobal Operations Director, Head of Decarbonisation & Climate Resiliencemark.siebentritt@edgeimpact.global

Camilla UlloaLatin AmericaChief Operating Officer (Latin America)camila.ulloa@edgeimpact.global

Bryan SheehanNorth AmericaManaging Director (North America)bryan.sheehan@edgeimpact.global

Mariana AguirreLatin AmericaChief Technical Officer (Latin America)mariana@edgeimpact.global

Kate McGregorAustraliaGlobal People and Culture Diretorkate.mcgregor@edgeimpact.global

Richard GriffithsAustraliaGlobal Head of Growthrichard.griffiths@edgeimpact.global

Ashleigh BurnhamAustraliaHead of Sustainability Transformationashleigh.burnham@edgeimpact.global

Max Van BieneAustraliaGlobal Head of Client Impactmax.vanbiene@edgeimpact.global

Tanya HarrisAustraliaHead of Procurement & Supply Chaintanya.harris@edgeimpact.global

Scott Matyus-FlynnAustraliaHead of Built Environmentscott.mf@edgeimpact.global

Christian KeelAustraliaHead of Circular Economy & Lifecyle Thinkingchristian.keel@edgeimpact.global

Jordan StokesAustraliaGlobal Creative Directorjordan.stokes@edgeimpact.global

Nicole ThompsonAustraliaPrincipal - Procurement & Supply chainnicole.thompson@edgeimpact.global

Shruti ChoudharyAustraliaPrincipal - ESG & Strategyshruti.choudhary@edgeimpact.global

Dr Jenni GardenAustraliaPrincipal - Nature & Biodiversityjenni.garden@edgeimpact.global

Hannah PenningtonAustraliaPrincipal - Leadership & Transformationhannah.pennington@edgeimpact.global

Dr Daniel RojasAustraliaPrincipal - Decarbonisation & Climate Resiliencedaniel.rojas@edgeimpact.global

Sazal KunduAustraliaPrincipal - Circular Economy & Lifecyle Thinkingsazal.kundu@edgeimpact.global

Justin BonseyAustraliaPrincipal - Circular Economy & Lifecyle Thinkingjustin.bonsey@edgeimpact.global

Nick DexterAustraliaPrincipal - Procurement & Supply chainnick.dexter@edgeimpact.global

Sarah DayAustraliaPrincipal - Nature & Biodiversitysarah.day@edgeimpact.global

Rhianna DeanAustraliaPrincipal - ESG & Strategyrhianna.dean@edgeimpact.global

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