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ISSB is here — What you need to know

Written by:
Shruti Choudhary - Principal, Sustainability Transformation
Hrefna Gylfadottir - Senior Consultant, Sustainability Transformation

ISSB|Climate risk assessment|Sustainability Reporting|financial disclosure

The graphic depicts how the different sustainability related standards interrelate, showing that the IFRS wraps up a range of investor-driven disclosures and frameworks such as CDP, SASB and IR and their reporting boards, while being the standard issued by ISSB, the standard governance body. Both IFRS standards are heavily influenced by the structure of the TCFD framework and IFRS 2 draws on TCFD's framework content. GRI and ISSB sit alongside each other and complement one another through fulfilling the impact materiality (GRI) and financial materiality (ISSB) aspects of double materiality, and informing sustainability reports and integrated report content. The IFRS standards draw on the principles of GRI in its own principles of comparability, verifiability, timeliness and understandability.

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