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How EPDs are changing B2B sales conversations

Written by
Jonas Bengtsson, Global Chief Executive Officer

“EPDs give manufacturers a tool that can help them identify opportunities for improvement along their supply chain and also a strong selling point that increasingly resonates with environmentally aware consumers. For buyers, an EPD provides a framework for making informed product comparisons.”

Jorge Chapa, the Green Building Council of Australia’s director of market transformation, both manufacturers and buyers benefit from EPDs

“EPDs provide transparent and clear information to help us identify products that will reduce the environmental impact of our developments across their entire life cycle.”

Paolo Bevilacqua, General Manager, Sustainability – Frasers Property Australia.

25 October 20237 min. read

16 January 20238 min. read

Insights|Sustainability Re-imagined

12 September 20237 minutes

Smoke billowing from power plant towers alongside a lush field, underscoring the necessity for TNFD-guided environmental reporting.


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