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Written by: Various Edge Impact contributors
Image Credit: AAP/Matt Turner

Voice to Parliament|2023 Referendum

I am voting yes to support progress of the path to reparation and reconciliation through co-design and self-determination by the very people who are affected. Always was, always will be.

Tanya Harris,
Head of Sustainable & Ethical Procurement

While it's essential to respect the multifaceted views on this matter, it's equally crucial to be informed and engage in constructive conversations. Let's step into this chapter of Australian history with open minds and empathetic hearts.

Jonas Bengtsson
CEO & Co-founder

It feels wrong that I should have a say in a referendum about the self-determination of people whose rightful place in their country was taken away by my ancestors. But no matter how uncomfortable I feel about it, I get to vote.

Claire Wild
Senior Consultant

To me, the Voice is just the beginning. I will be voting ‘Yes’, because instead of focusing on what the Voice is not, I am focused on what it is: a fair go; a chance for reparation; a step towards the unified, safe, and democratic Australia we all want to see.

Vanessa Mawby

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