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Candid Conversations with 6 Inspiring Women at Edge Impact

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I have learnt that young ambition, especially that in women, is to be nurtured, celebrated and protected.

It taught me to respect those with a lot more experience than me regardless of age or gender – sometimes you just need to shut up and listen.

It taught me the value of building strong relationships to nurture psychological safety and how this leads to stronger performance.

It taught me the value of simply getting stuff done. It eventually taught me to channel my femininity, not hide it.

Ashleigh Burnham, Head of Sustainability Transformation 

It's about more than just filling seats with different people; it's about listening to what they have to say.

The unique perspectives everyone brings, especially women, are crucial.

They help foster real innovation, genuine empathy, and the kind of adaptability that keeps an organisation moving forward. That’s the kind of environment where everyone, including the business, truly thrives.

Kate McGregor, Global People and Culture Director 

I would encourage every woman to recognise the significance of their thoughts, especially when they differ from the prevailing ones.

Our backgrounds, whether cultural or otherwise, enrich our collective perspectives and ensure the importance of embracing our uniqueness.

This is why we can, why we should, and why we need to confidently express our viewpoints. 

Xinyue Zhang, Senior Consultant (North America) 

So, go on, embrace that journey of self-discovery, set some healthy boundaries, and make your wellbeing a priority.

You'll find yourself living a more balanced life that feeds your soul and takes your career to new heights. 

Dr Jenni Garden, Principal Consultant, Nature and Biodiversity 

It helps to go in with a growth-mindset, especially when receiving feedback.

Critique can hurt your confidence, but I try to see it as a gift that will help me improve instead.

In saying this, self-assurance is definitely something that I’m still working on, but it’s being made easier because of my incredibly supportive design team.

Alex Shute, Designer

For me, women's inclusivity resonates with sisterhood. How we treat every human being, regardless of their background or beliefs, correlates with empowering us all.

Sisterhood is not just a bond between women; we gain strength when we stand together, creating a more inclusive and equitable environment. It also challenges stereotypes and breaks barriers.

Virginie Rubio, Business Service Administrator 


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