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From meaningful and purposeful, to brand transparency

Written by
Jordan Stokes, Creative Director


Transparency on the other hand is much more open. It’s brands saying ‘come and see for yourself’.

As the world of sustainability, action and brands actually doing the right thing very quickly moves into the mainstream, are we about to move away from brands having ‘meaningful’ conversations with their audiences and into them being more transparent and forthcoming with how they act behind the scenes?

It takes a lot for brands to completely open their doors and windows to the world and let everyone see what they’re doing (in some instances, where reporting is concerned they may not have a choice in the near future).

If brands want to build, engage and educate the kinds audiences of that we need, to make the better choices that the world needs they have to start being braver in the way they set goals (and why) then communicate how they’re tracking against them.

08 May 20247 min. read

Corporate workers reviewing the Senate's findings on Greenwashing.

01 April 202410 min. read

Insights|Sustainability Re-imagined

5 min. read

People adding plants to a green wall indicating the need for sustainable and green buildings and infrastructure.


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