Who we work with

We deliver climate change services for corporate entities, large to medium privately owned organisations, government agencies and not for profits. Our sector experience includes FMCG, infrastructure, property, financial services, insurance, agriculture and horticulture.


Our approach

Our climate change advisory services not only offer technical proficiency but also valuable guidance on effectively communicating complex climate issues to stakeholders.

By providing action-oriented roadmaps and direct implementation support, we empower our clients to build resilience against the physical and transition risks associated with climate change and achieve decarbonisation in line with global net-zero targets.

Leveraging our scientific foundations, we help our clients conduct in-depth analysis and modeling to identify feasible and pragmatic emissions reduction pathways, supporting them in designing strategies to adapt to a changing climate.

What is decarbonisation?

Decarbonisation refers to the process of reducing or eliminating carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, primarily from human activities such as burning fossil fuels for energy production, transportation, and industrial processes.

It involves transitioning to cleaner and more sustainable sources of energy, increasing energy efficiency, and implementing carbon capture and storage technologies.

Decarbonisation is vital for the sustainable future of organisations, the economy, and the planet. At Edge Impact, we're here to assist organisations at any stage of their decarbonisation journey.

Carbon Footprinting
  • GHG protocol align Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions footprinting
  • Climate active certification
  • Carbon footprint tools development
  • Mitigation modelling
  • Decarbonisation strategies and net zero plans
  • Target setting and Science Based Targets (SBT)
  • Shadow carbon pricing
  • Carbon risk due diligence
Climate Risk Assessment
  • Exposure assessments
  • Physical risk assessments
  • Portfolio risk assessment
  • Transition risk assessments
  • Climate risk assessments aligned to ISC, Green Star and other national and
    international standards
  • Financial consequence analysis and strategic asset allocation
Climate Disclosure Reporting
  • Gap analysis
  • Disclosure reports
  • Scenario analysis
  • Climate governance advisory
  • Metrics and targets development

Contact Us

Ready to empower your organisation to build resilience against the physical and transition risks and achieve decarbonisation in line with global net-zero targets? Contact us today.

How we can help your organisation

As experts in the full spectrum of sustainability topics, we are here to guide you through the complexity. Our team includes specialists from across the globe; from strategists to economists, engineers to creatives. Since 2008, we have been helping businesses, organisations, industries and societies make transformation happen.

Our areas of expertise are focussed around the following areas:

Leadership and Transformation
ESG and Strategy
Decarbonisation and Climate Resilience
Circular Economy and Lifecycle Thinking
Procurement and Supply Chain
Nature and Biodiversity
Brand, Communications and Creative

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