Our products

After years of engaging in diverse projects and partnerships, we've amassed a wealth of creative and technological capabilities.

As a result, we have developed a dynamic range of tools, programs and e-learning resources strategically built to guide organizations on their sustainability journey.

These resources have been uniquely engineered to adapt and evolve alongside the ever-changing sustainability landscape.

Explore them below.

Carbon Harvest

Carbon Harvest is Edge Impact’s carbon footprint measurement and reporting tool, developed specifically for the agriculture and forestry sectors.

Current accounting of agricultural emissions is incredibly complex, especially across commodities and regions and in accounting for biomass and the biogenic cycle. Carbon Harvest has been developed with all these complexities and objectives in mind and is designed to provide portfolio managers with the key insights required to maximise operational and management decisions and reporting.

With a clean and stylish dashboard that is used by our analysts, it is possible to consider the portfolio, or make comparisons based on commodity, region, country of production or drilling down to a farm-by-farm basis.


Acclimatise is Edge Impact’s physical climate exposure and reporting tool, developed to aid clients in assessing and understanding their potential exposure to climate-related hazards across a portfolio, region, or specific asset.

It is developed with multiple users in mind. For example, those requiring a single asset-level report for due diligence, or entities managing a portfolio of assets wanting to discover key regions or climate hazards of concern.

With interactive dashboards, it is possible to consider the portfolio as a whole, or filter data based on asset, region, classification, or hazard. Data can also be drilled into various climate scenarios and time horizons.

Applied across sectors like property, agriculture, aged care, and manufacturing, Acclimatise is a proven asset for proactive climate risk management.

Tree Planting Predictor

Decision-makers worldwide are actively seeking strategies to enhance urban tree canopy cover, but often lack a robust evidence base for setting future targets. The Tree Planting Predictor® (TPP) tool, developed by Edge Impact, addresses this challenge.

The TPP tool directly supports urban land managers and decision-makers in making evidence-based decisions about setting and achieving future canopy cover targets. It is customisable to the local context and is designed to be delivered in a paired workshop process, which helps tailor its application for given locations and build confidence from technical staff through to decision makers about the underlying technical rigour.

The TPP tool has already demonstrated its effectiveness in diverse projects including the development of local government Urban Forest Strategies and supporting urban developers in showcasing projected contributions to municipality canopy cover targets.