Sustainability Reimagined

To fully transition to a sustainable society, commitments and targets are no longer enough.

The warning signs have become frequent emergencies and disasters.

Record temperatures, devastated communities, fires, floods and food shortages.

The message is clear: it’s time to step it up and deliver, today. 

But we don’t see failure. We see opportunity. 

At Edge Impact, we’re working towards a world where unsustainable is unthinkable.

We welcome the motivated leaders, organisations and industries who are looking to deliver positive global impact.

To make positive impact happen, we combine science, strategy and storytelling.

Ensuring everything we do helps our clients impact people and the planet positively.

Because what matters most is the outcome.

Problems We Solve

Accelerating Action

It’s time to make a real impact. Our integrated approach to problem solving combines science, strategy and storytelling, backed by creative and tech capabilities as we work together, turning ideas and opportunities into action.

Creating evidence-based sustainability

Our consultants have deep technical knowledge and years of real-life experience. We’ll help you determine the impact you make and track it through the process.

Managing risk and developing strategy

We’re here to support you with clear strategies and roadmaps so your organisations and stakeholders can stay across what’s happening and adapt to changing priorities. This helps to mitigate risk and create value. Helping you direct resources to your biggest areas of impact.

Innovation and leadership transformation

Put simply - being a leader in sustainability isn't easy. We’ll equip you with the tools you need to feel empowered and confident to lead the charge, moving from theory to action and bringing your team and your stakeholders on the journey.

Improved Decision-Making Through Data

We can efficiently get deep insights from your organisation’s data streams and work collaboratively with your teams. Our integrated advisory and tech services harness that data, as we combine it with our analytical and visualisation platforms, developing the tools we need to create real change.

Authentic and confident communication

When it comes to sustainability in business, authenticity is key. Our dedicated communications and creative team can help you tell your sustainability story - without the risk of greenwashing.

Connectivity and collaboration

Sustainability can't succeed without trust and buy in - from the Boardroom to consumers. Through our extensive network and industry partners, we can help you connect with the right people to gain understanding, influence and do what needs to be done.

A partner on the journey.

The sustainability space is evolving at a rapid pace and can sometimes be overwhelming. Whether you have big ambitions or are just getting started. We’re here to partner with you and take the complexity out of it.

The Edge Impact Way

We combine science, strategy and storytelling to help our clients deliver positive global impact. No matter what they want to achieve, or where they’re starting from.

Science allows for robust data and evidence, strategy for a plan that works and storytelling to inspire and drive action. 

It’s this unique tukanga that sets us apart. It’s the Edge Impact way.

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